Choice of diamonds concentration in diamond coating

Concentration (C) Percentage volume Carats per m3 Gramm per m3
1.1 0.22
.76 0.352
50 12.5 2.2 0.44
75 18.75 3.3 0.66
100 25 4.4 0.88
125 37.5 5.5 1.32
150 43.75 6.6 1.54

The content of diamonds in the grinding rim depends on the future use of tool.


When a good surface finish is demanded lower concentrations (20 - 50) in combination with finer diamond powder are required.


Where rapid stock removal of tungsten carbide or hardened steel is intended a concentration of 75 to 125 is usually selected.


Concentrations of up to 150 are used for profile grinding wheels and cylindrical wheels which have a small contact area.

Choice of bond for metal bond grinding wheels


The choice of bond depends on the type of the diamond wheel and the grit size


1. Manual grinding


The basic bond type used is M2. It can be used for any type of wheels. However for the wheels 1E1 and 1EE1 it is recommended (in order to heighten the roughness) to use bond types M3 and M4 depending on the grain size. For the wheels 6A2 with small grit size it is recommended to use bond M2 to prolong the time between trueing.

Type of wheel

  grit size (µm)

30/40, 20/30

grit size (MESH)

270/325, 325/400

grit size (MESH)

60/70, 70/80
1E1, 1EE1 M2 (M5) M3 M4
1F1, 1FF1 M2 M2 M2
1A1 M2 M2 M2
6A2 M2 M2 M2

For conditioning of the surface for effective mechanical polishing or for final processing through frosting, the bond types MB1 and MB2 should be used.  The wheels with this kind of bond are in between common metal bonded diamond wheels and the electrocorundum wheels. In many cases they can be substituted. The wheels with the bond MB1 and MB2 can be used for glass grinding with higher efficiency than metal bonded wheels with bond M2 and they also keep the shape (angle or radius) better then the electrocorundum wheels.


Diamond wheels with this bond types are recommended for the following technologic operations:


- grinding of glass with no further processing (the operation of frosting/matting) – the surface remains frosted (non-transparent) – MB1


- grinding of glass with further mechanical polishing to achieve full transparency (without acid polishing) – MB2

Type of wheel grit size - 40/50, 30/40, 20/30
E1, 1EE1
1F1, 1FF1
1A1 MB2


2. Machine grinding


The highest efficiency of the diamond wheel designed for machine processing is achieved when bond M1 is used.


  Type of wheel grit size - 30/40, 20/30
1E1, 1EE1
1A1 M1 (t) hightend hardness


In case you need a practical advise the specialists of VID factory can choose the best bond type suitable for your operation.