Choice of correct diamond powder size and type

Synthetic diamond powder consists of uncoated diamonds of friable crystals with mosaic and irregular shaped structures. It is ideal for wet and dry grinding of tungsten carbides, ceramics and other hard non-ferrous materials.

VID diamond powders can be used both in resin and metal bonds.


The sizing of all products is carried out under strictly controlled conditions in accordance with the regulations of GOST R State Standard of Russian Federation.


There is wide range of grit size ranging from micropowder to very rough powders. The choice of the grit size cannot be categorized. When making the choice it is important to consider the future purpose. It is possible to define three basic operations: lapping or frosting, fine grinding, rough grinding.

For operations of lapping or frosting micropowders are used. Usually they are mixed in diamond pastes with different diamond concentration. Diamond powder size and concentration depend on surface roughness one wishes to have.

Diamond powders of sizes 10/20 - 106/125 micron are usually used in diamond tools for fine grinding operations, 125/150 - 425/500 - for rough grinding.


VID produces micropowders and diamond powders of the types AC4 and AC6. To chose correct type between AC4 and AC6 one should know:


Diamonds of higher fragility, grains consistingof congeries and intergrown pieces

Resin bond for fine grinding works
AC6 Grains consisting of separate crystals with extended surface, congeries and intergrown pieces Resin, metal and ceramic bonds for processing of hard alloy metal, ceramics, glass and other fragile materials