Our history

     The plant was established in 1975 as a workshop of the Tomilino Diamond Tools Factory and later became its subsidiary.  Since 1978 the factory became independent.

     For more than 30 years the plant produces wide range of diamond tools and for more than 20 years  synthetic diamond powders and pastes of high quality. The first product of commercial manufacture was styluses of natural diamonds.  Starting from 1979 VID factory started manufacturing grinding wheels from synthetic diamond powder.  Although first attempts of synthesis of in-house made raw materials started in 1974 for about 10 years grinding wheels production was mainly based on bought diamond powder.  

In 1988 – 1990 the factory began mass production of mono-crystal diamond powders for metal and resin bond.

     With collapse of the Soviet Union VID faced new opportunities to develop and export its product to global world markets and starting from 1995 the company has been successfully using this opportunities.  Nowadays the company has distributing agents in USA, UK, Romania, Chezh Republic and India.  VID exports more than 80% of all diamond powder and about 50% of diamond tools produced on the factory.

     Today Venev Industrial Diamonds factory offers its clients the following products:

  •         diamond powders of different sizes for metal and resin bond;
  •         resin bond diamond grinding wheels and bars for metalworking;
  •         metal bond diamond grinding wheels for glass processing industry;
  •         diamond pastes;

During its quite long history VID factory guaranteed high quality of its product and we are proud of this.